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The 4 basic rules for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an over debated topic on internet, yet full of misinformations or outdated inputs. Because Search Engines such as Google are changing their algorithm 500+ times a year, it became really hard to cheat it...

The 4 basic rules for SEO2019-09-14T02:04:10+00:00

SEO tactics that are outdated

SEO has gone through extensive evolutionary changes over the years, and continues to do so every day. While most traditional marketing tactics (for the most part) still hold true in digital marketing today, SEO changes have quite drastically changed the landscape...

SEO tactics that are outdated2019-09-12T13:34:18+00:00

State of image metadata in 2019

Is metadata still relevant to inform images of their source, context, and rights? At a time plagued by fake news and rampant infringement, metadata remains the most accurate and reliable method to inform images of their origin, rights, and authority...

State of image metadata in 20192019-09-12T13:45:21+00:00

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