If you’re a business owner, a marketer, or even just a Facebook user, you’ve seen how prevalent Facebook ads are.

It’s the largest social media platform in the world (by a long way) and it’s a fantastic place that businesses can use to capture potential
customers with ads.

But, with some products, you’ll never find success with Facebook ads. And that’s because Facebook doesn’t allow you to even
launch ads containing these products.

So, if you’re already running a business, or you’re thinking of launching one in the future, this list is essential reading.
Check out these 10 types of products that you can’t advertise on Facebook.

Adult Products

Facebook ads cannot promote the use of adult products, include any form or nudity, or contain depictions of people in explicit situations.
Those ads simply will not even be launched by Facebook.

Not all are banned, you can promote certain adult products – specifically if they’re focussed on family planning or contraception.
Of course, you’ll need to make sure that you target those ads to Facebook users who are aged 18 or older, for legal reasons.

Unregulated Supplements

The supplements industry is booming right now, and it’s market size is expected to continue growing to $278 billion USD by 2024,
so it’s understandable if you want to get in on the action.

It’s generally best to avoid selling these products unless you’ve manufactured them yourself, as you won’t be able
to advertise them on Facebook.

That is, unless you have all the necessary paperwork which shows they’ve been certified as safe for consumption
(in the country that you’re selling to.)

Third-Party Infringements

Any Facebook ads which appear to be infringing on or violates the rights of any third party will be automatically disapproved or taken down.

Third-party infringements can get you into a lot of legal trouble, so it isn’t worth selling anything that you assume is copyrighted or
trademarked unless you have the proper trade agreement from the corresponding party.

If you are selling another brand’s products through your own Facebook ads make sure that you tag said brand in your post –
this is a common practice and is endorsed in Facebook’s policies.

Surveillance Equipment

Surveillance equipment is strictly prohibited from being promoted on Facebook’s advertising platform. This includes spy cams,
mobile phone trackers, or other hidden surveillance equipment.

We know that many entrepreneurs are interested in selling these types of products, and that’s totally fine, just be aware that you won’t
be able to promote them with Facebook adverts if you do.

Counterfeit Products

Similar to the third-party infringements that we mentioned earlier, counterfeit products are a strict no-go when it comes to Facebook advertising.

Counterfeit products are highly illegal, so our best advice is to avoid anything to do with them.

Health Products: Before and After

The online health industry is thriving and, for the most part, brands find great success with Facebook advertising campaigns.

But, Facebook points out that adverts must not contain “before-and-after images, or images that contain unexpected or unlikely results”.

Essentially, your ads must not assert or imply anything that could lead to a Facebook user having negative feelings about their body image.

Controversial Products

No surprise, but controversial products are strictly prohibited from Facebook’s advertising platform.

This means that any products or ads that are related to sensitive subjects, imagery, or controversial symbolism will be automatically
rejected from Facebook’s ad platform.


All Facebook ads which contain weapons, ammunition, or explosives will be disapproved during the ad review process.

This is because these products are affected by various laws and regulations across the globe, and would be difficult to manage for Facebook,
so they fall under their “prohibited content” category.

This also includes products like toy guns as well too, so it’s best not to risk it.

Tobacco Products

Tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, and other tobacco paraphernalia are banned from Facebook’s ad platform.

While you can’t promote tobacco products for monetary gain, you can use Facebook ads to promote resources that help people get
over a smoking addiction.

Drugs and Drug-Related Products

Ensure that you do not promote the sale or use of illegal, prescription or recreational drugs in your ads, otherwise you’ll be breaching Facebook’s community guidelines.

Similar to the tobacco products which we mentioned above, Facebook perceives that these products can be harmful to a users health,
that is the reason why they’ve been added to their list of prohibited content.

This means that you won’t be able to use images of smoking-related accessories, recreational or medical marijuana, or other images
which could imply the use of a recreational drug in your ads.


Source: Caitlyn from Oberlo

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