• social proof

Social Proof: What It Is and Why It’s Great for Marketing

Real people recommending products with real feedback is so persuasive because it’s genuine – and that’s not always the case nowadays. So, let’s dive in and explain why you need social proof for your business, and how you can start generating social proof for your store today.

  • instagram features

9 Exciting Instagram Features in 2020

Instagram has announced a ton of new features for 2020! Some of Instagram’s new features are already here, like Facebook Shops, and some are coming soon to a feed near you, like IGTV Ads, Instagram Live shopping, and so much more!

  • traffic website

Why traffic shouldn’t be your focus

Many designers focusing on site visitors and asking questions on how to make greater traffic to their websites? But is it essential? The most common revel in from this approach is a lot of visitors and less sales. If you do differently, you can get extra customers and less traffic...

  • website redesign

Website Redesign: 6 Trends to Embrace Now

Are you in the early planning stages of a new website? Here are the trends that web designers and their clients expect to embrace in the year to come. Your instinct might be to browse competitor websites,...

  • target audience

How to Find Your Perfect Target Audience in 5 Steps

There are plenty of attributes that come into play, like age, gender, income, location, etc., and this will usually depend on what it is you’re selling. For example, if you’re selling designer handbags, there’s a good chance you’ll be targeting women who are interested in luxury products...

  • facebook ads

10 things you CAN’T advertise on Facebook

if you’re already running a business, or you’re thinking of launching one in the future, this list is essential reading. Check out these 10 types of products that you can’t advertise on Facebook...

  • seo vocabulary

5 Overused SEO Phrases & 5 Hot Phrases That Are In

Let's leave tired SEO phrases in the dust and adopt a vocabulary that matches the present state of online marketing and works better with our audiences. Did you know the concept of search engine optimization is more than 20 years old?..

  • seo tips for small business

SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

Search optimization for a small business is about 90% similar to that of a big business. In this article, we will focus on the remaining 10%, the things that a small business has to do differently because of the lack of either the resources or the brand power...

  • top fashion websites inspirations

10 Fashion Websites to Use As Inspiration in 2020

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or a new trendy outfit to wear, there are countless amazing fashion websites to browse through for inspiration. From women’s fashion websites to men’s, there’s a whole range of ideas and tactics used to create such an iconic fashion brand...

  • things seo can't tell

7 Things SEO Tools Can’t Tell You

SEO tools save us time and provide valuable insights. However, there are seven specific things that SEO tools can’t tell us. We all rely on specific tools to do our jobs as SEO professionals. Often we gravitate toward the tools...

  • igtv marketing

Breaking: IGTV Announces Monetization for Creators

IGTV has finally made a strong move for content creators by announcing monetization partnerships. There will be two initial offerings: ads and badges. They have also noted they will continue to expand their Live Shopping offering, as well...

  • brand awareness

How to build an unforgettable brand

Brand awareness is the awareness of a brand. So, the better your brand awareness is, the more people there are who will recognize your brand and know what your brand does. A pretty simple concept, but achieving brand awareness is much less simple...

  • google john mueller search news meta description

Why Google Rewrites Meta Descriptions

John Mueller gave a great explanation of the reason why Google rewrites search queries. I know some people are going to react and say that Google’s rewriting is arbitrary. But it’s not arbitrary. This article has described specific situations that cause...

  • retail ecommerce

Brands cannot afford to be socially distant

Any business that prioritized brick and mortar over its online store before COVID-19 has just hit the proverbial wall. Most had the intention of nudging their online channels to perform meaningfully, but a strong storefront eased the sense of urgency...

  • social media analytics

Instagram Analytics: 10 of the Best Tools to Get Insights

The necessary metrics are often hidden under the various tabs, you are quite limited in time frames for the data you want to see, and you can’t export the data. Besides, your own Instagram analytics are not the only type of insights you can get from Instagram...

  • cost of seo writing

How Much Should You Pay for SEO Content?

Clearly, there are mixed opinions on what constitutes “great” content, and how much great content costs. Ultimately, it comes down to how much you are willing to invest in order to achieve the results you want. I recommend researching your options...

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