I see many designers focusing on site visitors and asking questions on how to make greater visitors to their websites?

But is it essential?

Just suppose of traffic as an invite to a birthday party.

You prepare a big one, and you want human beings to come.
So you will start contacting everyone, asking them to come.

People who recognise you will come.

People who don’t care approximately you’ll no longer come.

But you don’t care, right?

So why have to you care that a few strangers visit your website?

They will now not buy due to the fact they don’t recognise you.

What matters is what you do, so human beings could understand you and purchase from you.

The real focus isn’t on site visitors.

It’s what’s your aim to make feel to people to buy from you.

Instead, assume of:

1/ How can I higher serve my clients?

2/ How my existing customers can participate within the technique and attract greater human beings to my brand?

3/ How can I involve more manufacturers and influencers to emerge as pals with my brand?

4/ How I can inspire more human beings towards what I do and attract extra interest to my products?

5/ How can I acquire knowledge about my existing customers and discover greater human beings similar to them, so I may be positive there’re extra chances that they will buy?

So the primary concept is this:

We do not want traffic. We want more people much like those who buy from us.

The nice way to grow is to develop for your closest niche already shopping for from you.

So visibility, site visitors, all these items is a wrong belief and end result of a false concept that your important goal have to be traffic and that visitors will power sales.

The most common revel in from this approach is a lot of visitors and less sales.

If you do matters differently, you may attract extra customers and less traffic.

So think about it and let me realize your thoughts.

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